Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dealing with extreme allergic reactions to mosquito bites

I’ve had some pretty bad allergic reactions to some bitey insects while I’ve been in Rio. I’ve had reactions before, but not as bad as here. For instance, while I was in Sevilla in last year, I was bitten a few times, and my hand swelled up, and tiny blisters formed, and I got some tiny blisters on my arms when I was in the Maldives too.  But this time, when I was bitten on my feet and ankles, the reaction was much worse, which blisters becoming bullae up to 2cm (1in) across, and almost semi-spherical in size. My feet also swelled up to a size that made me think of bloaty-head from Theme Hospital. I’ll save you pictures, but you can search Google if you’re morbidly curious. We’ve not sure why they seem worse on my legs than on my arms or face. Maybe gravity is a cause of the welling of fluid in my legs and feet.

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Writing my bucket list

The topic of things I’d like to experience and places I’d like to see came up during dinner last night, and it reminded me of a few things that have come together to make me sit down and write down my current bucket list. I’d recently started reading a new blog of a travelling Danish couple who include their bucket list, and I remembered a conversation I’d had in Madrid with someone about Sean Ogle‘s bucket list, and how I’d done quite a few on his list, and finally a list I’d made myself four or five years ago. So  with these influences, I decided to spend a while writing my wishes down so I had somewhere to remember them and to give me some accountability into completing more of them.

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